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The following principles are pillars of our business:

  • Pursuit of excellence in every respect is Scotchstone Capital’s motto.
  • Dedicated service-orientation – investors and clients should be treated as ultimate bosses.
  • Unreserved compliance – we of course strictly comply with all the laws and regulations that we are subject to.
  • Uncompromising ethics – we do more than just comply with all the laws and regulations:
    1. We strongly believe in an uncompromising ethical behaviour and always striving to do the right thing;
    2. We believe that any investment-related and advisory activities must be based on unreserved honesty and decency;
    3. We believe that in most cases – sometimes with considerable effort – one can differentiate between right and wrong. We make this effort and let a strict moral compass guide our activities.
  • Transparency – we are always fully transparent in our communications.
  • Confidentiality – within the law, we strictly observe confidentiality and secrecy regarding any investor or client information or communication.