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Investment Philosophy of Scotchstone Capital Fund

The fund’s investment philosophy is based on analysis-driven prudent value investing:

  • Value Investing: We believe that long-term value embedded in the stock market is intrinsically linked to the value generation potential and capabilities of the underlying companies.  We buy stakes in businesses – not speculate with securities. We do not buy securities principally for the purpose of selling them in the near term. 
  • Understanding Fundamentals: We seek to thoroughly understand the target investment’s fundamental value creation capabilities. We focus on companies with healthy balance sheets, strong return potential, robust business models, sustainable competitive advantages, run by highly proficient and reliable management. 
  • Diligent Analyses of Key Value Drivers: We conduct in-depth analyses of the key valuation drivers, operating drivers and exogenous factors, as well as the associated risks. We examine the target investments’ capital-intensity and returns on capital vs. the cost of capital. We shy away from businesses whose intrinsic value we do not understand well. 
  • Uncovering Significant Discount to Intrinsic Value: We seek to uncover and realise an investment value potential resulting occasionally from significant market mispricing. We seek to differentiate between a "good company" and an "attractive investment".  We focus on opportunities offering an attractive risk-reward profile.
  • No Automated Speculations: We do not believe in speculations of any sort or in any automated, computer-driven investment systems.
  • No Trend Chasing: We do not believe in investing because of general market sentiments or trends. In fact, we believe that opposing market trends is often the right strategy. 
  • Prudence: We are prudent in our investment approach and advocate a combination of:
    1. Specialisation and expertise – we aim at investing only in businesses that we understand well;
    2. Focus – we focus our resources on a select group of investments;
    3. Pricing away risk – we aim at entering our investments significantly below their intrinsic values;
    4. Sensible Diversification – we recognise that we do not control all the investment variables and that we may make mistakes; but we do not substitute diversification for understanding and vigilance in what we do.